Tuesday, 11 June 2019

seven things.

I've been busy, crumbs.

Busy working, studying, working out, eating, sleeping. Rinse, repeat.

I'm starting a new thing! It's called... I wake up at 5:30 AM to call in for shifts because I'm casual part-time at two different jobs and I'm trying to soak up as many shifts from the job that pays me a hella good chunk of change. And I'm not even a nurse yet! Can you believe? We are getting this bread, indeed.

On the mornings where I'm not able to pick up a shift, I do this. I sit with my journal, my laptop and a big cup of coffee (obvs) and reflect on my health and financial goals for about a half hour. I have the quiet morning hours all to myself to get centered and focused for the rest of my day, and I'm productive enough to get a few tasks done and out of the way.

Please note that I do not have kids, or (much) homework to be responsible for. I have a house, a little (big! huge!) cat named Chevy*, and a spouse to help me take care of all of those things. My sole purpose this summer is to finish an elective, and work work work. I recognize how lucky I am because of all these things!

While I do this 'focusing' and 'centering' (oh, how hokey that sounds!) I spend part of that time looking at material that aligns with my goals and beliefs about health and finance (to inspire), and part of that time looking at stuff that I simply appreciate (to enjoy life). And both of those things keeps me focused on the things I want to accomplish that really matter to me. Here are some of those things:

Photo from @thefemalehustlers

  1. The above picture from @thefemalehustlers. Take in all that truth, girls! Taking time to define and meet your goals is NEVER a waste of time. Keep pushing. I've skipped out on shopping for clothes and outings with the girls, and I've skipped out on eating out and on the occasional frappe. The goals I've set for myself are challenging, but I'm determined to meet them. If sometimes that gives me FOMO, I remind myself of this quote and then make a mental note to set aside time for fun as a reward for working so hard.

  2. This article from the New York Times about 'Smashing the Wellness Industry.' Hell yeah! Jessica Knoll articulates exactly why the wellness industry is just the diet industry in disguise. Surprise! It's just as harmful.

  3. I can almost guarantee that you haven't been giving your hips enough love. Try these eight stretches from PopSugar fitness to 'increase flexibility and reduce discomfort'. I do this after a cardio workout or before bed, and it hurts so good and in all the right ways.

  4. I want 100 bikinis but mostly this one. I also want that 'spend $300 on a swimsuit' life. I'll envision this swimsuit the next time I throw overtime or side hustle pay into my savings account.

  5. Mexican Chorizo Garlic Shrimp Burger. WTF? Who do you think you are Lady and Pups? Doing your darn-dest and serving up this absolute orgasm of a burger. I had to put this here for you know, balance, or whatever. I wish this burger was mine and yours forever. Eat a burger once in a while, friends. It's good for you.

  6. I am all about ways to make my eyes pop, since they are my favourite feature on my face. I bought this Maybelline Lash Sensational Boosting Eyelash Serum and it REALLY WORKS Y'ALL. My eyelashes look thicker and more abundant, and definitely a little bit longer. I use this baby day and night, and when I throw on lash primer and mascara, I look like I'm wearing falsies. Look good feel good.

  7. Literally anything from Paula Pant at Afford Anything. I'm obsessed with her blog. She made a life most people only dream of - which is what I'm all about. 

*Not named after the car. We didn't actually name her, and you can rest assured knowing that I would name her something WAY cuter like Taco or Wookie or Gus. 

**None of the above links are sponsored or affiliated. I don't receive any monetary compensation for using these links! They are simply things I've seen and loved. 

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