Monday, 4 February 2019

Happy New Year...?

Oh, my darlings.

I'm terrible at this! I know you're convinced otherwise, but I truly love to write. And I especially love to write on this blog. However, I'm not the kind of person who can churn out blah-posts on a whim, simply to meet a monthly post quota. Because this is a hobby blog, I want to give you a true piece of my hobby heart when you read these words.

Thankfully, between this post and October's post (whew!) good things have been happening in my life. Good changes. Growing changes. Here is where my hobby heart comes in:
  1. I've been eating more vegetables, finding new ways to love them, and gaining this renewed love for making healthy food (*most days. Some days a girl needs Combo No. 6 from her fave Chinese place and other days this girl eats buttered toast over the sink because she doesn't want to cook).

  2. My perspectives on health, fitness and food are always morphing to be, well... healthier! Every day I meditate on the idea that health is continuous - a process.  I've stopped expecting instant results of myself. I better understand that habits are what will shape my future lifestyle. I now know that mindfully consuming yummy and/or nutrient dense food and exercising often is an investment in shaping my body to be healthy, hardy and long-lasting.

  3. I joined a GYM. My broke student self took the plunge. Rather than be hard on myself for yet again, not going to the gym before class, I got real with myself. I really hated hauling my book bag, lunch bag, gym bag, toiletries and laptop case fifteen minutes across campus, just so I could work out. It made working out so much more difficult for me, and it really made me resent it. I never stuck to my goal of working out regularly, and I ended up disappointed and self-hating every time. I know this is not a feasible option for everybody, but I joined the super cheap ($10/month!) gym that my boyfriend goes to, and the rest is history. Since doing that, I've actually stuck to my goal of working out at twice a week. 
Anyway. That's my teeny tiny crumb-sized update on my health and fitness goals. Stay tuned for a post about how I started working out even though I'm out of shape, out of breath and cripplingly self-conscious!

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